Adoption and the Story of the Gospel

Sermon from selected texts by Ben Watson, Pastor
Delivered on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday – January 15, 2017

The Lord’s Supper: Unworthy Participants, Worthy Participation

Sermon from 1 Corinthians 10-11 by Bret Rogers, Pastor
Series: The Lord’s Supper (Part 2 of 3)
Delivered on January 8, 2017

A number of you were out of town for New Year’s Day. But we started a series on the Lord’s Supper last week. As a church we’ve been discussing what it would look like to celebrate the Lord’s Supper more often. But before making any adjustments, we thought it best to equip all of us in a greater understanding of the Supper and a greater appreciation for the Supper. If you missed, I’d really encourage you to listen to the sermon online. It really serves as the foundation of all that we’ll be covering in the next two sermons. Continue reading

The Lord’s Supper: Its Origin & Purpose

Sermon from Exodus 12-13, Luke 22, 1 Corinthians 10-11 by Bret Rogers, Pastor
Series: The Lord’s Supper (Part 1 of 3)
Delivered on January 1, 2017

Last year we had a members meeting in which the elders approached the congregation about moving to a weekly celebration of the Lord’s Supper. We so enjoy the blessings that come with eating together at the Lord’s Supper that we wanted your input on what it would look like to share in these blessings more often. We wanted to test our observations from Scripture with your observations from Scripture. As usual, your reception was patient and your input valuable. Continue reading

God Keeps Promise to the Royal Line

Sermon from Ruth 4 by Bret Rogers, Pastor
Series: Ruth: From Emptiness to Fullness
Delivered on December 18, 2016

With the number of children we have, I imagine a number of you have seen the animated comedy called The Lego Movie. In The Lego Movie, we’re taken on a journey into a world where “everything is awesome.” But not everything stays so awesome. The evil Lord Business decides to suppress creativity, fix the world under his control. He has the ultimate weapon, otherwise known as “the Kragle.” Continue reading

God Assures Rest through Relentless Kindness

Sermon from Ruth 3 by Bret Rogers, Pastor
Series: Ruth: From Emptiness to Fullness
Delivered on December 11, 2016

We have the most unsettling chapter in the book of Ruth today. Ruth and Boaz at the threshing floor raises eyebrows, causes others to blush. Were the book turned into a movie, some would say chapter three excludes it from a G rating and requires serious parental guidance.[i] But that all depends on how you interpret the details. Before we get there, though, I want you to imagine what life was like for Naomi and Ruth. Continue reading

God Awakens Hope through a Gracious Redeemer

Sermon from Ruth 2 by Bret Rogers, Pastor
Series: Ruth: From Emptiness to Fullness (Part 2 of 4)
Delivered on December 4, 2016

I find it astonishing that some Bible teachers refuse to preach the Old Testament. They say that since we’re a new covenant people, the New Testament should be the steady diet of the church. But chapter one from Ruth was such a feast last week. We would do well to remember that the Old Testament is also our Christian Scripture. Second Timothy 3:16 says, “all Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness.” Continue reading

God Brings Bread to Bethlehem

Sermon from Ruth 1 by Bret Rogers, Pastor
Ruth: From Emptiness to Fullness (Part 1 of 4)
Delivered on November 27, 2016

Ruth is a great little story. Like any good story, it has its main characters—Naomi, Ruth, Boaz. It has rising tensions in the plot, a love story developing on the side, its own knight in shining armor. But Ruth is more than just a story; it’s revelation. It’s God’s self-revelation. In and through this story, we come to know the divine Author and Director of history. The Lord God himself guides everything in the story to his desired end, an end that displays his kindness to sinners, an end that advances his purpose in Christ for the world, and therefore an end that affects you and me. Continue reading

Singleness: Securing Undivided Devotion to the Lord

Sermon from Isaiah 56:3-8; Matthew 19:12; 1 Corinthians 7 by Bret Rogers, Pastor
Series: Glorifying God in Marriage & Singleness (Part 4)
Delivered on November 13, 2016

So far we’ve spent three weeks in a marriage series, and I’m concluding it with a message on singleness. Just because the message will be tailored for our singles doesn’t mean the rest of you should check out. We are one body in Christ, and in order to love one another well, there are things we need to know about each other whatever place God has us. Continue reading

The Peace, Power, Pattern, & Promise for Marriages

Sermon from Ephesians; Hosea 1-3 by Bret Rogers
Series: Glorifying God in Marriage & Singleness (Part 3)
Delivered on November 6, 2016

We continue our series on marriage today. We’ve traced marriage from creation to consummation. And we saw that God created marriage to image Christ’s union with his people. Then we looked at the husband’s role in headship and the wife’s complementary role in submission. I tried to illustrate this as a dance. The husband leading, the wife following, the two delighting in each other—and as they delight, their marriage in this age points to Christ’s union with his people in the age to come. Continue reading