Be Doers of the Word

Sermon from James 1:22-27 by Bret Rogers, Pastor
Series: James: Living the Implanted Word
Delivered on May 15, 2016

Let me stop and recognize all of our Discipleship Hour teachers, from those who led the children in DIG to the adult class. I speak as an elder and as a parent when I say this: thank you for your self-less labors in preparation and getting here earlier every week and patiently caring for and instructing the people given to you. God uses your gifts to build up this body, and we’re all the stronger by the example you’re setting. I was particularly amazed this year Continue reading

Man’s Anger Does Not Produce God’s Justice

Sermon from James 1:19-21 by Bret Rogers, Pastor
Series: James: Living the Implanted Word
Delivered on May 8, 2016

A World of Angry People

We live in a world full of disappointment, trouble, injustice, imperfections, evil—and you get angry and I get angry. In one sense, anger is natural because we’re created in God’s image. We have a built-in capacity to be angry at all that belittles the glory of God and questions the ways of our Creator. It’s the righteous anger that should’ve been in Adam when the Serpent tempted his wife. And it is the anger we see in Jesus when he rebukes those who pervert the worship of God. Continue reading

Overcoming Pride in Riches by Looking to the Crown of Life

Sermon from James 1:9-12 by Bret Rogers, Pastor
Series: James: Living the Implanted Word (Part 3)
Delivered on April 24, 2016

It’s fairly common for people to equate prosperity with significance. The world often judges people by riches, fame, and social status. Your value and your meaning in life is bound up with your possessions, the world tells us. But then there’s Jesus, the Son of God. The most significant person in the universe. He is one with God the Father from all eternity. Yet Jesus chooses to enter this world on behalf of sinners, not in the pomp and class of a rich boy but as a slave (Phil 2:8). Continue reading

Why You May Struggle to Pray & Gospel Remedies

Sermon from Selected Texts by Bret Rogers, Pastor
Delivered on April 17, 2016

A little bit of a different sermon today. We’ll be looking at numerous passages on the topic of prayer. James 1 will only serve as a spring-board into those other passages on prayer. We might call today an expansion on last week’s final exhortation to depend on God by asking, praying. Continue reading

Our Need for Wisdom & the God Who Gives It

Sermon from James 1:5-8 by Bret Rogers
Series: James: Living the Implanted Word (Part 2)
Delivered on April 10, 2016

We started our study in James last Sunday. You can find that on page 1011, if you’re using the pew Bibles. We’re looking at verses 5-8 this morning, which focus on our need for wisdom and then point us to the God who gives that wisdom. Let’s pick it up in verse 5… Continue reading

Count It All Joy: The Spiritual Benefit of Trials

Sermon from James 1:1-4 by Bret Rogers
Series: James: Living the Implanted Word (Part 1)
Delivered on April 3, 2016

Having spent the last several months in Zechariah, we now turn to a New Testament book. And if you haven’t noticed, I’ve subtitled our series in James, Living the Implanted Word. Continue reading

The Resurrection of Jesus: What Does It Mean?

Sermon from selected texts by Bret Rogers, Pastor
Delivered on Easter Sunday, March 27, 2016

Today, we’ll have a bit of a crash course on Jesus’ resurrection. We’ll be looking at a number of passages. We certainly won’t cover everything. But I do want to cover some big things that Jesus’ resurrection means. But before we get started, let’s pray together. Continue reading

Holy to the Lord

Sermon from Zechariah 14:12-21 by Bret Rogers, Pastor
Series: Zechariah: Restoration & Return (Part 23)
Delivered on March 20, 2016

We’re on verses 12-21 this morning, and that means we’re wrapping up Zechariah, and what a fitting conclusion chapter 14 is to all that has gone before. Continue reading